Deb Accuardi

Deb Accuardi has been crafting from the beginning with whatever project her mom brought home for her and her sister. More formal knitting lessons began in 1987 and spinning lessons in 1997. Deb loves learning and reading about different fibers, stitches, cooking, gardening and sustainability. She was one half of Pico Accuardi Dyeworks, but has gone back to her roots. She has been teaching all levels of knitting, spinning and cooking for many years. She blogs about all of this at An Omnibus, hosts the At the Kitchen Table podcast. You will also find her periodically in her restaurant, Gino's, in Sellwood neighborhood of Portland.

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She is teaching: Dyeing with Kitchen Items (Lecture), Dyeing with Indigo (Lecture), Troubleshoot Your Spinning, and Spinning for Colorwork