Multicolored Turkish Socks in the Portuguese or Turkish Style with Teri Zipf

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Learn about the design and construction of multi colored Turkish socks. You'll also experience why the "yarn-behind-the-neck" (Turkish, Portuguese, South American, etc.) method is so suited to complex, multi colored patterns. Using this method, up to four different colors can be easily worked on one row!

Turkish sock design and construction are in many ways similar to Latvian mittens, but unlike the knitting traditions of most other countries. They are lavishly patterned and simply constructed. You'll be knitting a pair of baby or child-sized Turkish socks. The toe-up construction will give you experience knitting the afterthought heel.

Knitters who aren't familiar with the Turkish method of knitting will also enjoy the class. They are welcome to take it and knit their socks using any method. You may find yourself converted to the Turkish method!

Skill Level: Intermediate - Students who wish to knit their socks in true Turkish fashion should be comfortable knitting and purling Portuguese style and be able to knit in the round by any method (not necessarily Portuguese).

Students who wish to knit their socks by any other method should know how to knit stranded, two-color patterns by their method of choice and be able to knit in the round.

Experience knitting toe-up socks is handy, but isn't necessary, for anyone taking the class.

Materials to Bring:

Material Fee: None

Class Size: 15

Spaces Available: Cancelled

This class will be held: Saturday, April 20th, 2013 Morning - 9am - 12pm

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