Ergonomics for Spinners with Carson Demers

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Time seems suspended when you’re at your spinning wheel. Hours melt away but stress and strain can be accumulating in your body. Spinning shouldn’t hurt! In this class you’ll learn what ergonomic risk factors are and where they exist in spinning at a wheel. Most importantly you’ll learn what to do to minimize them and early warning signs that could prevent an injury. Safer strategies for seating, balancing your spinning work with other activities to keep you comfortable and productive, optimizing wheel mechanics and of course, stretches will all be taught. This is not a “how to spin” class.

Skill Level: Beginner - Students must be able to spin singles with a spinning wheel.

Materials Provided:

Materials to Bring:

  • Spinning wheel

  • Fiber of choice to spin during class

  • Bath size towel

Material Fee: $5

Class Size: 15

Spaces Available: 8

This class will be held: Saturday, April 20th , 2013 Morning - 9am - 12pm

Please read instructions carefully on the Workshop Page before signing up!


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