About Me

LavenderSheep was started in 2006. Throughout my childhood I was inspired by textiles. My mother was an expert seamstress who would take me with her to fabric stores. My grandmother was a spinner / weaver / knitter and would take me with her to her spinning group and weaving group meetings. What inspiration!

Those lovely guild ladies pushed me to take classes in textiles when I went off to college. I studied a variety of topics from dyeing triaxial color wheels to weaving on Jacquard looms in Italy. I enjoyed every minute of it. I graduated with a double major in Business and Textiles.

After college I was inspired to create my own handpainted yarn line. Everything in my life had set me up perfectly for the next thing. It made perfect sense to create LavenderSheep. Everything around me inspires me to make new things! I create every day the things that bring me joy.

Now after over 15 years of dyeing and making things professionally, I'm still inspired and still have so many ideas I could keep going on for another 50!

2007 - 2020 LavenderSheep - Yvonne Ellsworth