Shapely, Sexy Steeks with Mary Scott Huff

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Think stranded colorwork sweaters are all shapeless drop-shoulder boxes? Not anymore! Learn to plan and use the steeked openings in your knitting to make shaped and fitted stranded garments! In this workshop, you'll learn to think like a sculptor, shaping knitting to your body. Learn how a well-planned steek can actually speed up your knitting, minimize the finishing required in your garment, and perfect its fit! We'll practice shaping on a miniature vest project, analyze patterns for steeked adjustments, and even discuss ways to incorporate steeks into non-stranded garments. Sexy!

Materials to bring:

Homework: Using at least 2 colors of 2-ply Shetland wool (such as Jameson's) work a 60-st knitted tube in any charted pattern(s) you wish. This is the beginning of your miniature vest, so put ribbing at the bottom, if you'd like, and make the piece around 3 inches long. Do not bind off.

Skill level: Advanced - Basic knitting skills [knit, purl, increase, decrease], stranded colorwork, knitting in the round, and familiarity with steek techniques

Material Fee: None

Class Size: 15

Spaces Available: Cancelled

This class will be held: Saturday, April 20th, 2013 Afternoon - 1pm - 4pm

Please read instructions carefully on the Workshop Page before signing up!


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